Some Home Garden Tips

Home garden can be enjoyable, so that instead of people going to the park to enjoy the sun, trees and plants. Caring for the home garden can be easy or difficult, depending on what kind of your home garden.

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Plant Fruit Trees in Your Garden

Fruit trees in bloom at different times of the year. Apples for the start of the season, mid season and late season, so it makes sense to choose the trees during the season you want.

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Choosing Fruit Tree

Planting the wrong type of wood for your conditions will lead to slower growth and fruiting of the poor, and ultimately disappointing as a whole.

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Gardening Vegetables for Home

There is nothing better than fresh produce that is available directly from your yard. The growth of his own garden is not just fun, it's very healthy and good for the whole family, and in fact, the whole family can participate.

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Sleeping green

With increasing environmental consciousness around the globe it seems no industry is safe from scrutiny through an environmental prism. The tourism/hospitality industry is no different, but not many people are aware of the ways in which to ensure they travel in a more sustainable manner.

Take for example lodging. This is a large area in which you can make sure your travels are environmentally responsible, but how does one go about it?

Let me introduce the Internet. There are many programs out there that rate hotels based on different “green” criteria.

Here are my favorite certification programs, and why:

Energy Star

Most are familiar with the Energy Star program. Along with all the appliances, cars and other products that Energy Star rates with it’s logo are buildings, including hotels. To qualify for the rating, buildings must rate a 75 or higher on Energy Star’s 1-100 scale, which, according to the program, means these buildings use 35% less energy, and emit 1/3 less carbon than other buildings.

You can look up Energy Star labeled hotels at your destination inside the United States here.

Green Globe

International in scope, Green Globe applies strict guidelines of energy and cultural sustainability to the hotels that get its label. Currently has certified properties in more than 80 countries.

You can do a search by nation of your vacation here.

Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas

A joint effort of the Rainforest Alliance and the Eco-tourism International Society, this program allows you to search by various different certification programs throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

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